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About Our Tutors

What Separates Us From the Pack
Square One Learning’s tutors are professional adults who have dedicated their lives to their passion—EDUCATION! When students come to us, they are taught mostly by certified teachers or trained professionals  that are either degreed or working toward a degree in a closely related field. Each tutor is coached by a veteran teacher who is certified and experienced in the field of pedagogy and has had proven success using only the best teaching practices. We are not a one-size-fits-all type of company. At Square One Learning, your student will get the best instruction possible, from the best in their fields.

What Makes Us Great
We know that some big tutoring companies give clients pages of tutors to sort through or have them to post a profile, only to have their inboxes flooded with offers from a host of tutors. Then it is the client’s job to sort through all of the offers and contact several candidates until they find the right one. This process is a waste of valuable time–especially if you don’t get a great tutor the first time, leaving you to repeat the process over again!
Our approach is different. We want to make sure that your experience is an awesome one. That is why we take care of all of the details for you.
Our tutors are hand selected by Square One Learning’s management team, made up of experienced, certified teachers and professionals. Each tutor is  carefully screened through our interview process. This process includes rigorous testing to make sure that they are qualified to teach their specific content. Next, candidates must provide proof of experience, including degrees and or certifications, in addition to references from previous clients or employers. Finally, we perform background checks, so our students are always in the best possible hands. At Square One, we put our students first to make sure that they are successful!

Real Results for Less
As Square One Learning, we don’t believe in long-term contracts or large enrollment fees. What we do believe in is giving your child quality supplemental education at a fair and reasonable cost along with the flexibility to suspend or cancel your services should your needs change. How sure are we that you and your child will have a great experience with us? We give you our 3-month guarantee. If at anytime after 3 months of working with us, you are not satisfied with your child’s progress, you can end your relationship with us and receive a refund of any unused balance on your account–no questions asked. In addition, if at anytime you are dissatisfied with your tutor, you can call us and request a new one; up to three times!

Why do we give you so much for so little? Because at Square One Learning, we believe in quality and affordability. Just because a company is charging exorbitant prices doesn’t mean that they are giving you better service, it just means that they are overcharging you because they can. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!