Adult ESL Tutoring

Square One Learning’s tutors can help to develop your English language skills. We have over 12 years of experience helping English Language Learners (ELL’s) to become fluent English speakers. Our tutoring is designed as a supplement to enhance existing basic English skills. If you are a current student acquiring English, we can utilize your classroom materials to help you study, prepare for tests, memorize vocabulary and make learning fun to easily improve your grades and speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. If you aren’t a current student, that’s okay too. We use Pearson’s proven and easy-to-understand books, cd’s, videos and various other supplemental activities that vary based on the needs of individual students.  Our teachers are certified and most of all, patient instructors that want to help you succeed. Whether you want to improve your English skills to communicate better with natives or for your professional career, we can help! Choose to learn privately, without fear of embarrassment or with a friend or group. We also offer FREE bi-monthly conversation classes to put into practice what you are learning.  At Square One we will develop a plan that best fits your goals and one that will have you well on your way to speaking and understanding the English language in no time.

Available  Sessions:
Conversation & Pronunciation (FREE to existing students)
Each level includes listening, speaking, reading and writing. Looking for FREE supplemental resources to help you on your way to English fluency? Check out our resources page for more information.

Female student writes english language materials on whiteboard

Individual adult ESL tutoring is available online and in-person at Square One Learning’s location, in your home or at a place that is convenient for you. Small group classes available face-to-face at Square One Learning’s location or at client’s location for groups of 4 or more people.